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Delson completed a Zoom Series of talks March and April 2024

Date of Talk              Subject

  1. March 17, 2024        Right View
  2. March 24, 2024        Right  Intention
  3. April 14, 2024          Right Speech, Action, Livelihood
  4. April 21, 2024          Right Mindfulness
  5. April 28, 2024         Right Collectedness
  6. May 5, 2024            *Forgiveness Talk

*New Online Retreats with Delson coming up – Open soon

  • Sept 13-21
  • Oct 11-19
  • Nov 8-16

***Please note there are no physical retreats until 2025.

Tentative schedule
  1. February   India
  2. April          California – St Francis Retreat    Open in Oct 2024 to sign up
  3. May – August   Retreats at Dhamma Sukha in MO USA. Open sign ups Nov/Dec
  4. More to be announced


A Mind Without Craving is a deep dive into the principles and practices of early Buddhist meditation. It offers a collection of instruction and dialogue sessions transcribed from a ten-day meditation retreat led by Delson Armstrong. It is a practical guide to understand the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path for the attainment of awakening and the experience of Nibbāna (Nirvāna).

About Delson

ācariya Delson Armstrong is a dhamma and meditation teacher. He lives for and by the Dhamma. He is a Buddhist and inclines his answers towards the four Nobile Truths, Dependent Origination and meditation following Samatha and Vipassana yoked together.


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Residential Retreats

The retreat program provides an integrated and supportive environment for optimizing insight that leads to awakening as taught by the Buddha. Eight precepts comprising a code of conduct and mindful silence are maintained throughout the course with emphasis on lightheartedness. One-on-one daily interviews offer individualized guidance and detailed instruction in of tranquil wisdom insight meditation.


Online Retreats

The program and goal of this online retreat is the same as a residential retreat but takes place in a private and personal space. The program is designed to maximize results with the guidance of Delson Armstrong (Dhammacariya Sobhana).



The symposiums will incorporate two daily group meditation sessions with an emphasis on study groups and discussion. Sessions will focus on the functional aspects and direct experience of Dependent Origination along with the interrelationship of various links. Sessions will examine causal relationships within the links and colorations with the Four Noble Truths, the aggregates, the foundations of mindfulness, and other aspects of dhamma.

Complete Series

The 12 Links of Dependent Orignation

The purpose of this book is to help the earnest seeker to understand the concept of, and the links of Dependent Origination. This is the most important idea to be understood on the journey to Nibbāna.

The Buddha used the term paṭicca samuppāda, which is Pāli for dependent origination. When one understands Dependent Origination one understands himself/herself and the world. It is truly the answer to the question of “Who am I?”


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What Readers Are Saying

This well written book shows step-by-step how to achieve what the Buddha intended with his teachings, using the suttas from the early teachings. That is, how to properly meditate and experience jhana in relatively short order.

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Buddhism Presented With Clarity

This book is a gem. It’s structured in the form of a 7 day retreat, with each chapter dedicated to a specific day, with suttas and daily reflections included. However, you don’t need to read it while being on retreat, I read it during daily life. 

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A gem

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A treasure

This Book is one of the most detailed books on Meditation, Four Noble Truths and Jhanas, had a wonderful experience with this book while on a retreat. This book can be used for Self Retreats and In-person Retreats as well. Thank you so much for helping me begin my journey.

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Excellent Books


Delson does not respond to individual mails. You’re welcome to sign up for one of his retreats or join a dhamma talk. For practice questions we suggest you contact .

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